Tenney Foundation Inc.

A Vermont Domestic Nonprofit Corporation
Roger A Tenney
4960 Reeder School Rd Greenbrier, TN 37073
(615) 406-2697

Vice-President and Secretary:
Melanie G Tenney
17 Marsh Rd Willington, CT 06279
(860) 655-3713

Richard W Tenney
220 Banks Rd Brooktondale, NY 14817
(607) 277-6510
History of the Tenney Foundation Inc.

The Tenney Foundation, Inc. was organized in response to the need for greater genealogy and American History education. As the population ages memory fades and often stories of ancestors are not passed on. The need grows to educate the public and specifically preserve the historic legacy of not only the Tenney family but other founding families, for future generations. New techniques of archiving and preserving and new technology are impacting the study of genealogy and history. Education in those areas will benefit generations to come.

Also, many cemeteries have suffered damage due to nature, lack of funds and vandalism. A good example of this is the Old Bradford Burial Grounds located in Haverhill, MA. The Old Bradford Burial Ground was established in 1665 and there are 171 graves there, many in desperate need of repair and restoration. Essex County has over seventy old burial grounds many of which are also in need of restoration. Educational projects and activities are needed to restore and preserve New England's burial grounds as a means to preserve our New England History. At present, Haverhill’s Brightside organization and dedicated volunteers are striving to preserve this and other cemeteries in the area and there is a growing need to provide funding to help restore and preserve historic burial grounds.

History of the Tenney Family

The first Tenney immigrants coming to Massachusetts from England in 1638 were among the first settlers of the town of Rowley, Massachusetts. Early Tenney's were ministers, farmers, merchants, shopkeepers, doctors, and lawyers. There is a rich tradition of military service with more than 100 Tenney's serving in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. Tenney’s have continued to serve their country in other conflicts and times of peace in our military.