Tenney Foundation Inc.

A Vermont Domestic Nonprofit Corporation
Roger A Tenney
4960 Reeder School Rd Greenbrier, TN 37073
(615) 406-2697

Vice-President and Secretary:
Melanie G Tenney
17 Marsh Rd Willington, CT 06279
(860) 655-3713

Richard W Tenney
220 Banks Rd Brooktondale, NY 14817
(607) 277-6510
Guidelines for Submitting Grant Proposals

Submission of Grant Proposals to the Tenney Foundation, Inc. should include the following sections:

A. Title
  1. Should give a general idea of the activity/work being proposed
  2. Should be concise
B. Background
  1. What is the need for the project
  2. Who will be impacted or benefit from the project
  3. The qualifications of the applicant (organization or person(s)
  4. The qualifications of the person(s) managing/executing the project
C. Scope of activity/work
  1. Proposed list of activities or events
  2. Description of planned activities
  3. Schedule or timing of activities/events
D. Budget
  1. List of materials, labor or other items
  2. Cost of materials, labor or other items
E. End product or results
  1. Describe concisely expected outcomes or results
  2. Explain how final report or products will be shared or disseminated

A final written report, including a copy of any materials produced, shall be submitted to the Foundation no later than two months after the scheduled grant completion date.

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